Asthetik lock 25 ® is a metal profile mainly used for architectural roofing but versatile to be used as  a facade.

Profile Distinguished by its subtle elegance, aesthetics, versatility, impressive structural capacity and easy installation. With a 1.0 "of machimbrado height, it is a continuous design system for ceilings, its attribute is the hidden fixation by means of a clip that allows thermal movement. It does not require mechanical interlocking to ensure integrity against weathering. The installation is simple and fast, however, it withstands extremely high design pressures and is approved for use in projects with waterproofing.

Due to its versatility, Asthetik Lock 25 can be easily curved to be installed in architectural roofs.

It is used mainly in Architectural Facades. Ideal for use in Residential, Institutional, Schools and Commercial sector.

Materials and Coatings.
Galvanized steel, Painted steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum.
Standard colors: White and sand.

This product can pass the following approvals: ASTM E1680- Air
Infiltration, ASTM E 1886-Missile Impact, UL 580-Wind Uplift (Class 90), UL 1897-
Extended Phase Wind Uplift, UL 2218- Class 4 Hail Impact.

Dimensional range.
Panel width: 12-24 "    Gauges: 22-26 steel
Thickness: 1.0"               Lengths: Cut to size