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About us?

Metal Panel is a hundred percent Mexican company. We are dedicated to the marketing and installation of building integrated solutions and complements. We distinguish excellence in quality and customization of our broad portfolio of products. We remain at the forefront of innovation, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers with professionalism and formality that characterizes us.


Diseñar, manufacture and develop constructive solutions architectural, and offer unique innovative products that offer high specification comfort and value to our national and international clients.


Being the leader's most prestigious architectural building solutions nationwide, recognized for product innovation, excellent service and professionalism.

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Panel Metal products have been used in various applications such as: corporate offices, restaurants, business premises, supermarkets, franchises, large complexes, product warehouses and more. Metal Panel, you can advise in handling building envelopes that best fit the needs of your industry.

living place

We have the best integrated building systems market, ideal for the residential sector, thermal insulation panels from, light metal structure, metal enclosures, grooved, Thermal insulation to acrylics and polycarbonates, all together will make your home a safe and comforting place, without neglecting the elegance and quality.


Materials adapted to all kinds of sectors including agribusiness which are offered from roofs and coatings for agricultural buildings, covered up that transmit light path and cold rooms and rooms conservation.


The whole complex building systems for industrial wrap in walls and roofs that provides Metal Panel, They offer many benefits that make them ideal construction products for industrial projects. The resistance, architectural quality and flexibility provided by the Panel Metal panels make them the ideal choice for creating cluster, warehouses and industrial buildings (food automotive, entertainment, research facilities) and more. Metal Panel advises on selecting the correct building envelopes for major project.

Educational institutions

Comprehensive high-quality construction systems Metal Panel support him to improve efficiency and longevity of educational institutions. Our construction systems are fast installation, They require little maintenance, ecological and have long life over 40 years, In addition to providing comfort, esthetic, elegance and security installations. durability, stability, security, design and architectural features panels Metal Panel makes them an ideal choice to build primary schools, colleges, high schools, preparatory, innovative and university buildings.


Metal Panel seeks suppliers and products that promote sustainability, It is a company that uses materials such as: metal and copper are 100% recyclable.


Metal materials offered have high strength Panel, quality and certifications, Metal panel provides comprehensive warranties on products and installation work of the same, reinforcing the commitment to our customers. Ensure high durability, quality and aesthetics in its major project, lean with experts, Support yourself with Metal Panel.


Attendees will learn about our products isolated ceilings and walls, including fastening systems, mechanical techniques recommended lifting, as appropriate, and a broad discussion on best practices. End of course, will have acquired knowledge of the products and how to install Metal Panel.

skilled labor

Metal Panel receive quality solutions by our trained personnel and specialized, who agrees to perform work as effectively as their projects require, to turn them into creations that stand out for their excellent quality and durability.

Personalized technical advice

Technical advisory department Metal Panel can provide comprehensive advice service to help specifiers, architects and installation contractors with the design of the building, detail and installation assistance.

Technical qualities

Quality Products

We manufacture architectural envelopes of the highest quality and with extensive guarantees.

high durability

High strength panels, durability and easy cleaning.

Energy efficiency

Translucent or perforated materials we handle allow clarity and energy saving.

quick installation

Most of the products we handle are easy to install, allowing fast execution and quality.


The materials handled are recyclable and preserving the environment.

Design flexibility

We handle a wide variety of textures, colors, finishes and innovative effects that we can offer a wide range of products.





Some of our customers


En Metal Panel S. of R.L. the C.V. We conducted business with companies that care for the environment by using international guidelines in most of our products.

efficient production processes are used to provide our customers with sustainable products.

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