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  metalpanel1 Toll-Free Number: 01 800 788 05 58     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Metal Panel is a Mexican company. We are dedicated to the commercialization and installation of prefabricated building systems.

We stay at the vanguard of innovation and increase the satisfaction of our customers with the Professionalism, Experience and Quality that characterizes us.

We supply and install prefabricated building solutions with and without thermal insulation. The main projects include Covers, Facades and Mezzanines, Translucent and opaque plastic laminates, Aluminum panels, Fiberglass.


Some of the Brands that we represent:

  • Ternium 
  • Metecno 
  • Letsa 
  • Ladesa 
  • Arcerlor Mittal 
  • Stabilit
  • Villacero 
  • Kingspan 
  • Danpalon
  • Galvacid 
  • Isopan 
  • Carslile
  • Aceros Palme 


Our mission.

To provide our customers with integral constructive solutions with the best prefabricated systems, doing an excellent job at supporting our clients.

Our vision.

STo be the leader and most prestigious company in the field, through Honesty, Service and Quality, surpassing the expectations of our customers. Increasing our participation in the Construction and Refrigeration Markets.