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• The Danpalon® System began with the manufacture of this new installation system, with the launch of a dual sheet (double wall), guaranteed against leaks.

• Product available only on special order.


• The "multicellular" Danpalon® system provides ten times more cells than common sheets.

• The smaller spaces between the rib supports give you the combination of better thermal performance and impact resistance.

• It was the second technological development of the Danpalon® System manufacturer.


It is the latest technological development of the Danpalon® System type "Bee Honeycomb" which offers advantages such as lower thermal expansion, greater rigidity and greater thermal insulation


• Less thermal expansion

• Greater rigidity

• Greater thermal insulation


• The monolithic wall is ideal to offer total transparency and maintains its waterproof properties


From the Danpalon® family, it is a 30 mm thick cellular polycarbonate panel with rotating shutters housed inside the cell. The position of the blinds in relation to the sun determines the amount of solar radiation transmitted through the panel and each ControliteR panel has an independent operating mechanism that fixes the position of the blinds according to the level of light required under the skylight.

The Controlite® System works with two modes of operation:

Manual Mode
In manual mode the user sets the angle of the blinds. The blinds are in closed position until the user changes to a different angle and manually chooses the desired light transmission.

Automatic Mode

In automatic mode, the user chooses the desired level of light transmission and maintains it during the day automatically; When the automatic mode is activated, the blinds will open or close based on the readings of the light sensors connected to the system and will maintain the same transmission of light during the day.

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Technical Product Specification Danpalon Compact

Technical Product Specification Danpalon Controlite