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Acrylit G10 is the only plastic laminate that combines the diffusion of light and durability of acrylic with high mechanical strength, especially the impact offered by its fiberglass reinforcement.

Acrylit G10 is made with 100 percent acrylic resin reinforced with glass fiber, which allows an excellent diffusion of light avoiding areas of penumbra.

The best lighting concept to service the construction industry. It is a thermoformable, translucent laminate manufactured in a continuous process, under a strict quality control that ensures the homogeneity of its mechanical and physical properties.

Stabilit is the only company that manufactures this product, thanks to its experience and technology that distinguish it in all its processes. Acrylit G10 is manufactured by a continuous process that provides homogeneity to the laminate and uniformity in all its dimensions. Thanks to this process, it allows you to manufacture any type of profile, length, width and thickness required by the market, under the international ASTM standards. It is made with the highest quality raw materials, which when mixed, provide superior advantages than any other laminate.

Acryilit G10 Advantages

  • • Great diffusion of light. Up to 95% brightness!
  • • Excellent natural lighting
  • • Electric energy saving
  • • Finishing Gel Coat on both sides that provides greater strength and durability to the blade
  • • Protection against UV rays
  • • Low replacement cost due to its guaranteed durability
  • • Does not suffer high dilatations
  • • Preserves its original color for longer compared to other products

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