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GLASLINER is a construction system that solves the highest requirements to protect, coat and decorate those areas that require maximum resistance, hygiene and ease of cleaning. Ideal for walls and ceiling.

Glasliner is made from polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass, its design offers maximum sanitary protection, providing significant savings and quick installation. Glasliner requires minimal maintenance and meets high specification requirements.

Glasliner is manufactured in different widths, colors and thicknesses, as well as with special properties according to customer requirements.

It is a 100% washable coating, its ease of cleaning and finishing allow it to be free of germs being the laminate most used in walls and ceilings of places that require a high degree of asepsis.

Glasliner Advantages:

  • • 100% washable
  • • High resistance to impact and to some chemical products, abrasives and bacteria.
  • • Does not generate fungi
  • • With Gel Coat that protects from weathering.
  • • Easy and quick cleaning
  • • Moisture resistant
  • • Does not absorb odors
  • • Resistance to corrosion
  • • Minimum maintenance
  • • Maximum sanitary protection
  • • It does not need painting

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