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OPALIT GC is a corrugated laminate of plastic reinforced with 100% opaque glass fiber that resists corrosive environments as well as reducing the concentration of heat in interior spaces.

The Opalit GC laminate is made of orthophthalic polyester resin, the result of a unique technological development in Mexico, which allows the product to be exposed to the elements in corrosive areas without alterations in its chemical composition and physical behavior.

The manufacturing process in a continuous system with automated equipment guarantees its consistency in compliance with specifications, especially the thickness, opacity and perfect profiling.

Opalit GC is the solution of modern times for ceilings, walls, divisions and constructions of its type, its characteristics make this product the best alternative since it offers quality, resistance, durability and presentation. It is produced in all existing profiles in the market and can be purchased in a presentation with flame resistance. Their profiles are compatible with Acrylit G10 and Poliacryl G5, translucent plastic laminates that are also backed by the quality of Stabilit.

It is so versatile that it adapts to any type of structure, this affinity allows to build ceilings and uniform walls with opaque and translucent sections to take advantage of the sunlight as natural lighting of the interior space. Its Coal Gel finish allows it to withstand aging caused by humidity and environmental pollution.

Opalit advantages:

  • • Lower heat concentration in interior spaces.
  • • Impact resistance.
  • • Easy installation and maintenance.


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