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POLIACRYL G5 is a translucent plastic laminate that offers resistance for all use, also provides lighting, good looks and versatility at low cost.

They are laminated translucent plastic thermo-fixed, made with polyester resin and acrylic reinforced with fiberglass fiber.

These products have a protective layer of Gel Coat, which does not separate from the resin and provides superior weather resistance, thus prolonging its durability, in addition to offering greater continuity in the transmission of light and more pleasant appearance. They can be manufactured with additional characteristics that make it flame retardant, self-extinguishing and with low smoke density (special formulation).

Poliacryl G5 Advantages

  • • Excellent light transmission
  • • Resistance to impact and weathering
  • • Excellent durability
  • • Greater chemical resistance
  • • Avoid the accumulation of dust