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RESOLITE is a high specification laminate designed to withstand highly corrosive environments. Available in Opaque and Translucent presentations.

FRP formulated laminates are designed to withstand extremely corrosive environments commonly associated with galvanizing and pickling processes, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, steel mills, metal treatment facilities, buildings with hydrochloric acid cells, cooling towers , wastewater treatment plants as well as other operations in industrial buildings.

Since 1951, Resolite has provided architects, engineers, users and builders with the finest wall laminates and fiberglass reinforced polyester composite roofs (FRP). Throughout its history, Resolite has led the development of new products resistant to corrosion. Our company was the first to provide laminated (FRP) generated solutions to the industry, also developed and manufactured the first laminate with flame retardant frp and has introduced the first "walk-on" panel (trade-safe®) and laminates approved by factory mutual (RFM).

Resolite has in its plant automated production lines in continuous; laboratory, testing facilities and specialist engineers to assist its customers and overcome the challenges of corrosion and weathering.

Resolite advantages:

  • • Resistant to highly corrosive environments.
  • • Great structural capacity
  • • Greater fiberglass reinforcement.
  • • Retardant to the flame and with Factory Mutual approval.


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