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FOAMULAR 250venta foamular 250 owens corning

Foamular 250 is a thermal insulation made of rigid polystyrene foam extruded in panels manufactured by the Hydrovac process, exclusive to Owens Corning. It has a smooth surface and a structure of closed cells with walls that interfere with each other without leaving gaps.

Foamular ® thermal insulation is manufactured in different compression strengths to meet all of the manufacturer's needs: 25 lb/in2, 40 lb/in2, 60 lb/in2 and 100 lb/in2.

Effective width: 1.22m
Thickness: 1", 1.5" y 2"
Measurements: Plates of 4x6ft, 4x8ft and 4x10ft.


Due to its excellent properties, Foamular thermal insulation is used in a wide variety of applications; it adapts to all construction systems of walls, ceilings and floors.

Foamular is your ideal solution as thermal insulation in warehouses and warehouses, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and laboratories, refrigerators and refrigerated transport.

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