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Description:Mineral wool or rock wool is a thermal insulator for industrial and residential use in its product variants, this product is designed to be used in places of high temperature since it has fire resistance.

The properties of mineral wool are:

  • • Resistance to fire, is not combustible
  • • Designed for high temperature applications
  • • Melting point 1177 ° C
  • • Service temperature 650 ° C
  • • Lightweight and flexible
  • • It can be manufactured and laminated
  • • Excellent thermal resistance
  • • It is waterproof
  • • Considerable acoustic insulation
  • • Provides LEED Points

Industrial buildings, petrochemical plants, power plants, machine rooms, fire insulation, furnaces, ducts, among others.

Consult the dimensions and presentations of the product with a sales executive.

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