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STYROFOAMVenta styrofoam poliestireno extruido

Venta de Styrofoam en Sale of Styrofoam in Extruded Polystyrene Plates. The thermal insulation Styrofoam is composed of semi-rigid extruded polystyrene foam, in plates of different sizes. The Styrofoam plates have a smooth surface that has a structure of closed cells that form millions of micros cells that impede the passage of air or water.

It is ideal for use in humid environments, in walls or roofs and under floors or concrete slabs in buildings that require special materials to maintain a specific temperature.

Styrofoam is manufactured in different compression strengths to meet all the needs of the manufacturer. The Styrofoam product comes in presentations of:
1) Styrofoam AG Board
2) Styrofoam Square Edge
3) Styrofoam HighLoad.

aplicaciones styrofoam




• Cold Chambers



• Walls

· • Covers

• Concrete slabs

• Ice Tracks

• Roads.

• Airports tracks.

• Platform Platforms.

• Construction in general


Service to all Mexico.



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