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Ternium Galvalok II Corrugated Sheet


Products formed by roll-forming from Zintro Alum or Pintro coated steels, mainly used in all types of roofing.

System engargolado in work that requires for its fastening of clips which are hidden when making the lateral union, not being necessary to perforate the pieces for its fixation.

It can be installed on low slope roofs (up to 2%)


Covers, composite roofs in industrial buildings and shopping centers.


Ternium Galvalok II Geometric Profile



Covering power: 609.6 mm (24 in)

Camber: 7.646 cm (3.01 in)

Finishes: Zintro, Zintro-alum and Pintro.

Largos: mínimo 3.00m y máximo 12m para facilidad de transporte.

Service to all Mexico.


Lamina GALVALOK II Additional Information



Technical Product Specification Galvalok II

Coating and Finishes

Ternium Corrugated Sheets Installation Manual