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Ternium LOSACERO-25 Corrugated Sheet


It is a system developed for use in slabs of metal floors in buildings. Its basic components are: Corrugated sheet with indentations (Losacero), Concrete (f'c = 200 kg / cm2), electrowelded mesh (reinforcement by temperature) and as an optional accessory the cutting connectors for the composite beam effect or to increase the own capacity of the steel. By its cant allows to use larger clearings without requiring temporary shoring at the time of concrete placement as well as for the service stage.


Mezzanines of shopping centers, corporate buildings, parking lots, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Losacero-36/30 corrugated sheet has three basic functions:
a) Work platform in the installation stage
b) Permanent formwork in the concrete placement stage
c) Main reinforcement steel in the service stage.

Losacero-36/30 Geometric Profile


Covering power: 914.40 mm (36 in)

Camber: 7.62 cm (3 in)

Finishes: Zintro and Zintro-alum.

Length: 2.44m minimum and 12m maximum for ease of transport.

Service to all Mexico.


Losacero 36/30 Additional Information



Technical Product Specification LOSACERO 36/30

Coating and Finishes

Ternium Corrugated Sheets Installation Manual