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Ternium SSR-40 Special Sheet

Sheet plate ssr-40 light profile, based on lime sheet. 24, smooth, in standard white color, with an effective width of .3048 m., 1 "cant on crests and in different lengths.

It is fixed to a support structure based on a clip and 2 self-drilling screws that remain hidden in the joint of the 2 laminate longitudinally, as a cover it must be engargolada with manual grippers.

Ternium SSR-40 Special Geometric Profile



This material is designed to cover very small clearings of .60mts. At most as a deck and 1.10 meters. As a ceiling lamp.

Material is special for gas stations.

Service to all Mexico.

Special SSR-40 Additional Information



Technical Product Specification Special SSR-40

Coatings and Finishes

Ternium Corrugated Sheets Installation Manual