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Ternium TO-30 Corrugated Sheet


It is a 100% rigid (sinusoidal) wave profile, manufactured in Extra Hard (Full Hard) steel that provides greater structural strength between supports, offering greater economy in the total cost of the project. Due to its lightness, it facilitates transportation and installation maneuvers.


This product is intended for use in rural buildings. It is easy to install on roofs as on facades.


Ternium TO-30 Geometric Profile

Covering power: 778.40 mm (30.645 in)

Camber: 1,448 cm (0.57 in)

Acabados: Zintro, Zintro-alum y pintro.

Lenght: 2.44m minimum and 12m maximum, for ease of transport.

Service to all Mexico.


TO-30 Additional Information



Technical Product Specification TO-30

Coating and Finishes

Ternium Corrugated Sheets Installation Manual