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TR-101 Ternium Corrugated sheet


It is a corrugated profile of trapezoidal configuration manufactured in the plant by means of a stationary roller from a steel roll Ternium Zintro, Ternium Zintro Alum or Ternium Pintro, designed to be used as an exposed fixing cover.




Walls, roofs, and skirts of industrial warehouses, warehouses and buildings in general.



Covering capacity of 1008 mm. (39.685 in)

Camber: 2.46 cm (0.9685 in)

Materials: Galvanized Steel, Pintro, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Length: 2.44m minimum and 12m maximum, for ease of transport.

Service to all Mexico.




TR-101 Additional Information



Technical Product Specification TR-101

Coating and Finishes

Ternium Corrugated Sheet Installation Manual