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TRD-91.5 Ternium Corrugated Sheet


TRD-91.5 trapezoidal ribbed is a product manufactured in plant by means of a stationary roller from Ternium Zintro, Ternium Zintro Alum or Ternium Pintro steel roll, whose geometry complies with the dimensions established by the SDI (Steel Deck Institute) for the profile denominated "wide Rib" or Type B, and the Standard ANSI / SDI-RD1.0. This product is estibable (anidable) and therefore it is overlapping. Thanks to its load capacity it allows to increase the separation between intermediate supports, thus decreasing the total cost of your project.


This product is intended exclusively for use as a resistant substrate (deck) in the construction of "composite roofs". This product should not be used as exposed fixing rib as waterproofing unless a full ridge overlaps. It can also be used as an architectural facade.

TRD-91.5 Geometric Profile


Covering capacity of 914.4 mm. (36 in)

Camber: 3.81 cm (1.5 in)

Finishes: Zintro, Zintro-alum and pintro.

Length: 2.44m minimum y 12m maximum for ease of transportation.

Service to all Mexico.

TRD-91.5 Additional Product Specification



Technical Product Specification TRD-91.5

Coating and Finishes

Ternium Corrugated Sheets Installation Manual