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It is a panel composed of 2 aluminum sheets and a thermoplastic core in thicknesses of 3mm and 4mm.
Offering great rigidity, planza, manufactured in different finishes and colors also in different lengths and widths.
Rigid and light. It is characterized by its strength and excellent torsion and bending, it is a solid aluminum for internal and external walls.
Resistant to inclement weather and corrosion. It has a fluorcarbon resin coating. Resists extreme weather conditions and minimizes the possibility of corrosion due to its soluble salts, therefore it is not affected by changes in temperature and constant exposure to ultraviolet rays.
High isolation to sound. Viscoelastic high molecule resin; compresses the curtain preventing cracks or fissures, has an exceptional hardening and impact resistance.
Better maneuverability it can be easily handled to any type of coating application, which consists of various shapes of angle, size and radius when cutting, bending, shaping, securing, welding and joining the edges etc. All these processes are possible by means of conventional machines, to achieve the perfect design according to your needs.

Commercial facades, facades with thermal insulation, unique in their type.

Thickness: 1",1.5",2" 3mm and 4 mm
Length: 1.11m minimum y 5.55m maximum.

Servide to all Mexico.

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