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Asthetik Gutter. 



  It is an architectural profile grooved cold rolled, designed to be used in roofs and roofs where they are essential for the evacuation of rainwater. It has an excellent water transport capacity. This profile is ideal for residential use and has a colonial architectural appearance.

 It is rolled based on the measure required by the project to avoid the use of overlaps which decreases maintenance. 


It is mainly used for drainage in Architectural Ceilings. Ideal for use in the Residential and Commercial sector.


Materials and Coatings.

Galvanized Steel, Painted Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass.

Standard Colors: White and Sand.

We can offer you any other color with advance order. (Consult)


Dimensional range.

Panel Width: 5”

Calibers: 24-30 [Acero]

Length: Cut to size.

Standard measurement 10 ft.




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