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Econotecho multypanel terniumECONOTECHO MULTYPANEL TERNIUM
Ternium Econotecho is the economical insulating panel option manufactured with a galvanized outer face and painted sheet with its inner face in reinforced white vinyl.



Econotecho is mainly used for roofs of low requirement, commercial and industrial use etc.

Econotecho has excellent thermal insulation, structural resistance and weathering; Easy and quick to install, adaptable to a large number of constructive applications.

• It has a complete system of metallic and non-metallic accessories, guaranteeing an excellent fixation
• Recommended minimum overlap 150 mm (6 ")
• Manufactured with the outer face of Ternium Pintro sheet and the inner face in white vinyl
• Minimum slope 5%, maximum length of slope 60.00 meters.
* Covers with smaller slopes and / or longer lengths are subject to individual review under Technical Consultation.

Econotecho Geometric Profile

Econotecho perfil venta


Covering power of 1.00 meters
Thickness: 1",1.5" y 2"
Pintro finish in Sand and Standard White. Smooth and embosado.
Calibers: 26/Vinyl
Length: 2.5m minimum y 12.20m maximum.


Especificaciones econotecho

  1. • The load capacities presented correspond only to the outer sheet, considering that the foam and the inner coating do not contribute any structural contribution.
  2. • Maximum permissible deflection L / 120
  3. • Module of elasticity of the steel 2.1 x 106 kg./cm2.
  4. • Maximum work effort 1,560 kg./cm2.
  5. • Criteria and design methods according to the "Manual of Structural Members of Cold Rolled Steel" published by the American Iron and Steel Institute, 1986.
  6. • This panel is manufactured using sheet according to ASTM A-653 grade 37 (Fy = 37 Ksi).

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  • Insured supply
  • Skilled labor
  • Installation Warranty



The multypanel products have these and other approvals and certifications in their various constructive solutions:


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Technical Product Specification Econotecho

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