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Galvamuro is an insulating panel designed to meet the most demanding specifications for its off-set side joint that provides an excellent seal.


Galvamuro's applications are commercial and industrial, cold rooms, refrigerated warehouses and construction in general.


Galvamuro has excellent thermal insulation, structural resistance and weathering; Easy and quick to install, adaptable to a large number of constructive applications.
• Unión lateral off-set que proporciona una excelente hermeticidad
• Sistema de fijación oculta, clip galvanizado cal. 14 para muro y cal. 16 para plafón
• Cuenta con un sistema integral de accesorios metálicos y no metálicos necesarios para una solución integral libre de filtraciones y puentes térmicos
• Bajo pedido puede suministrarse espuma Clase I con resistencia al fuego.

Covering power of 1,067 meters
Thickness: 2",2.5",3",4",5",6"
Pintro finish in Sand and Standard White.
Calibers: 26/26
Length: 2.5m minimum y 12m maximum.

Galvatherm OS Geometric Profile



Galvatherm OS Specifications

  1. Maximum permissible deflection L / 180
  2. Module of elasticity of the steel 2.1 x 106 kg./cm2.
  3. Maximum work effort 1,560 kg./cm2.
  4. This panel is manufactured using sheet according to ASTM A-653 grade 37 (Fy = 37 Ksi).
  5. The load capacities presented were obtained from laboratory tests according to the ASTM E-72 standard and are limited by force and deformation. It is important to mention that the thermal effect is not included due to temperature differentials (Thermal Bow), which should be considered in each case.
  6. To know the load capacities limited by connection please consult the technical department.

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The multypanel products have these and other approvals and certifications in their various constructive solutions:


Galvamuro Additional Information



Technical Product Specification Galvamuro

Coating and Finishes

Load and Unload Manual