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Venta insulpanel techo Fanosa


Europanel is a sandwich panel for prefabricated roofs, which is manufactured in a continuous process; It is composed of a core of self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene foam and two painted steel faces, both faces are chemically bonded continuously through the core itself.
This product is designed for covers of a wide variety of applications.
The Europanel Roof has a fourth crest without insulation used to make a longitudinal overlap in each panel.


Covers, facades, skirts of industrial buildings, shopping centers, freezing chambers, refrigeration chambers, booths etc.

Excellent thermal insulation, structural resistance and weathering; Easy and quick to install, adaptable to a large number of constructive applications.


Europanel Ceiling Geometric Profile:

perfil threedeck insulpanel techo fanosa

Europanel Ceiling Joint:

junta insulpanel techo fanosa


Covering power of 1.00 meters.
Thickness: de 2" a 12"
Pintro finish in Sand and Standard White.
Calibers: 26/26
Length: 3m minimum y 12m maximum.

Service to all Mexico.