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Europanel Foil is a panel with the components of the classic Europanel with the replacement of one of the sheets (interior or bottom) by a coating based on polypropylene, reinforced with a mesh based on fiberglass. Europanel Foil has two presentations Europanel LV Roof and Europanel LV Wall.

Europanel LV is used in roofs, skirts of industrial buildings, shopping centers, freezing chambers, refrigeration chambers, booths, walls, construction in general etc.

Excellent thermal insulation, structural resistance and weathering; Easy and quick to install, adaptable to a large number of constructive applications.




Europanel LV Ceiling Characteristics:
Covering power of 1.00 meters.
Thickness: from 2" up to 12"
Pintro finish in Sand and Standard White.
Calibers: 26/Vinyl
Length: 3m minimum y 12m maximum.

Europanel LV Wall Characteristics
Covering power of 1.16 meters
Thickness: from 2” up to 12”.
Pintro finish in Sand and Standard White.
Joint: Z-lock and offset
Calibers: 26/Vinyl
Length: 9m minimum y 11m maximum.

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