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Venta insulpanel muro FanosaDescription
Europanel Wall is a sandwich panel for prefabricated walls, which is manufactured in a continuous process; it is composed of a polystyrene foam core and two painted steel faces, both sides are adhered continuously through the core itself.
This product is designed to be placed vertically or horizontally on the walls, or to be used as ceiling.

Walls, facades, skirts of industrial buildings, shopping centers, refrigeration and freezing chambers, booths, construction in general etc.

Excellent thermal insulation, structural resistance and weathering; Easy and quick to install, adaptable to a large number of constructive applications.

There are 2 types of joints the Z-lock and the offset

union insulpanel muro z-lock fanosa

union insulpanel muro offset fanosa


• Covering power of 1.16 meters
Thickness: from 2” up to 12”.
• Finishes: colored in Arena and Standard White.
• Calibers: 26/26
• Length: 3m minimum y 12m maximum
Service to all Mexico.