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In Metal-Panel / Covers and Industrial Solutions you have the following Professional and Quality Services:

Supply and installation of prefabricated building solutions with thermal insulation to cover ceilings, walls, architectural facades, booths, commercial and industrial refrigeration chambers in different thicknesses and sizes.


  • TERNIUM Multytecho
  • TERNIUM Galvatecho
  • TERNIUM Versatecho
  • TERNIUM Imperpanel
  • TERNIUM Multymuro
  • TERNIUM Galvatherm OS
  • TERNIUM Arkirib
  • TERNIUM Stuko
  • TERNIUM Economuro
  • TERNIUM Arquipanel
  • TERNIUM Aislakor

Supply and installation of Covers, Facades and Mezzanines with products and prefabricated systems in sheet with different finishes and sizes.


  • TERNIUM TR-101
  • TERNIUM TRN-100/35
  • TERNIUM TO-100
  • TERNIUM TO-725
  • TERNIUM TO-30 (Full Hard)
  • TERNIUM Losacero 25
  • TERNIUM Losacero 15
  • TERNIUM TRD-91.5
  • TERNIUM Galvalok
  • TERNIUM Galvateja
  • TERNIUM TRKR-18 Lámina en Cinta
  • TERNIUM TR Láminas Lisas

Supply and installation of laminated plastic products in acrylic and polyester, translucent and opaque for Covers and Walls as well as different uses in coatings and panels.


  • Acrilit
  • Makralon Sólido
  • Makralon Celular


Polyl Supply and installation of aluminum panels, formed by two aluminum sheets and a thermoplastic core in different sizes, colors and finishes.


Fiberglass. Lined insulation for metal structures.

We offer specialized and certified workforce for each of the systems. We guarantee 100% all our facilities.